Kigali Public Library

Wanting to make our own concrete contribution to development in post-genocide Rwanda, the editors will donate profits from After Genocide to the construction of the Kigali Public Library, Rwanda’s first public library. For more information about the Kigali Public Library, and to make your own contribution, please visit:

Through the establishment of this library—a sanctuary for knowledge and a forum for the free exchange of ideas—it is our hope that it will serve as a vital tool to help rebuild Rwandan society. Successful completion of the library will mark a watershed in Rwanda's history, providing public access to literary resources that have so far been unavailable to much of the population. The library will also serve as a permanent reminder to all Rwandans and the rest of the world that the atrocities committed in 1994 will never be forgotten.

Architectural rendition of
the Kigali Public Library

‘This book should be labelled “for the mature individual only”. But for that mature individual it is of extreme interest. It shows, far from any Manichean stereotyping, the many facets of having to try to live in an impossibly complex social and human situation. Highly recommended.’

- Gérard Prunier
The Rwanda Crisis: History of a Genocide (Hurst, 1995)